Guild history

The history of the guild begins with the "Brun’schen Zunftverfassung" in the year 1336. There are still much evidences of six centuries of guild history to be found in the Zunfthaus today.

History of the Zunfthaus

Merging of various tradesmen groups to form the Zunft zur Schmiden (Smiths Guild): smiths, sword smiths (weapons), pewterers (dishes/platters), bell makers (cow bells, church bells), tinsmiths, helmet makers, shearers and barbers.
The Smith's Guild owned and operated a pub on Strehlgasse.
The "zem guldin Horn" building was purchased at the large "Hofstatt" (the corner of Marktgasse/Rindermarkt) by the Smith's Guild. This makes it is one of the oldest guild houses in the city.
Installation of the Gothic Zunftsaal (guild hall) with special window piers, columns and late-Gothic wall and ceiling mouldings featuring mythical creatures.
Opening of the first restaurant in the Zunfthaus.
Installation of a new gaslight along with the first expansion of the Zunftsaal.
Installation of electrical lighting along with the second expansion of the Zunftsaal.
Expansion of the Zunftsaal with installation of the hall lifting wall.
Purchase of the neighbouring property "Zum Schwarzen Adler" by the Smith's Guild.

Refurbishment and renovation of the Zunfthaus, reopening as an exclusive event location without restaurant operation.

Smith's Guild

Its origin lies in the merging of various tradesmen groups: smiths, sword smiths (weapons), pewterers (dishes/platters), bell makers (cow bells, church bells), tinsmiths, helmet makers, shearers and barbers.

The guild tradition is maintained in Zurich like in no other city. The annual "Sechseläuten" is the high point. During this popular springtime festival, the Zurich guilds march to the Sechseläutenplatz, where at 18.00 the "Böogg" (resembles a snowman) is burnt. In the evening, the various guilds visit one another in their respective guild houses.