An event only becomes a success with the right culinary accompaniment. With us, experience catering at the very highest level. Prepared with attention to detail and matched to your wishes.

Das passende Essen zu Ihrem Event im Zunfthaus zur Schmiden in Zürich

Your event should also leave a lasting culinary impression with you and your guests. We serve seasonal specialities and classic dishes. Catch a second wind during your workshop with a reception; enjoy an elegant dinner at your wedding or spoil your employees with a Tavolata.

We are pleased to put together a customised proposal for your event.

An extract from our range

Finger food reception

Classic snacks

5.00 pro Häppli / per hors d’œuvre

- Beer-battered sage leaves, old Zurich style
- Vegetable puff pastry tarts
- Roast beef and horseradish cream canapés
- Salmon tartare canapés
- Savoury cream puffs filled with Gruyère double cream
- Cheese praline with rosemary-infused honey and pistachios

Small skewers

6.00 pro Häppli / per hors d’œuvre

- Beef Teriaki with mushrooms and sweet potatoe Aioli
- Snow peas with truffles and dried tomatoes rolled in veal
- Home-pickled salmon with honeydew melon
- Chorizo baked in puff pastry
- Caramelized corn-fed poulard with tomatoes, mozzarella and figs

Served in glasses

7.00 pro Häppli / per hors d’œuvre

- Avocado salad with shrimp, chorizo and a bread chip
- Smoked trout tartare, wild herbs, bread chips and fried capers
- Roast loup de mer on pea purée*
- Gently poached char on sage fregola sarda with fermented tomato foam*
- Flank steak strips with mashed sweet potatoes and Romanesco broccoli*
- Beef filet stroganoff with spätzli pasta and crème fraîche
- Baked mini Wiener schnitzel served over hearty potato salad*
- Strips of veal Zurich style with mashed potatoes*
- Caramelized goat cheese on polenta and peperonata*

* Warm snacks

Sweet hors d’œuvres

6.00 pro Häppli / per hors d’œuvre

- Passionfruit panna cotta
- Crema Catalana
- Chocolate mousse with pear topping
- Sour cream mousse with berries an mint